Ms. Chinchilla and Martinelli cite peaceful international border

Ricardo Martinelli gives his talk while wearing his new scout bandana.

President Laura Chinchilla Miranda and Panama’s president,
Ricardo Martinelli, were nothing but smiles and compliments Thursday after a meeting at the Museo Nacional where Costa Rica marked 63 years without an army.

Historically, both countries have always had a rocky relationship, until recently. According to both presidents the tiffs are gone and they will support each other in every aspect, especially since they share something unique.

“Costa Rica and Panama can say with great conviction that we share the most peaceful border in the entire world. We are the only two unarmed democracies that have a common border. So, it is really important for us to have a person like Martinelli here on a day like today,” said the
president of the Republic of Costa Rica during a press conference after the meeting. Panamá abolished its military in 1990.

Both presidents signed a joint declaration promising to re-affirm the promise of both countries to continue unarmed because the decision to abolish the army strengthens democratic institutions, civil, social and economic development of both peoples.

The themes discussed were commercial trade facilitation with a focus on infrastructure, drug trafficking and organized crime. Both signed a health decree to facilitate trade. Ms. Chinchilla said both parties are organizing an agreement to fight drug trafficking and organized crime.

“It is important for us to have complete collaboration to avoid that drug traffickers get away,” said Martinelli.

Ms. Chinchilla said she strives to have Panama’s economic growth, a 10.7 annual increase, according to the Panamanian president. She also re-enforced her support for Panama joining the Secretaría de Integración Económica Centroamericana.

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