Ms.Chinchilla to give speeches, seek investments

President Laura Chinchilla will be picking up two honorary doctorates during her three-day visit to Japan. She left Sunday.

At United Nations University in Tokyo Ms. Chinchilla will deliver the 19th U Thant distinguished lecture. Her topic is “Peace and sustainable development: The Costa Rica experience,” according to the university.

Said the university:

“President Chinchilla has played a central role in the political life of Costa Rica, serving as a deputy in the National Assembly, Vice-Minister and Minister for public security, and Vice-President in the second administration of President Arias. As the first female President of her country, her election has been part of a new stage in the vibrant democratic development of both Costa Rica and the region. President Chinchilla’s administration has also maintained Costa Rica’s tradition of prudent
government and sustainable practices, both in the environmental sphere (with the wise stewardship Costa Ricans have provided) and with the country’s long and proud democratic heritage.”

She will be honored Thursday at Kyoto University Tuesday. She is supposed to give a speech on leadership and woman in the 21st century.

During the visit, the president will make the rounds, including lunch with Emperor Akihito and other high-level members of the Japanese political scene. She will be meeting with Yoshihiko Noda and members of the Japanese diet or parliament.

Costa Rica has had 75 years of diplomatic relations with Japan.

Ms. Chinchilla also will meet with business leaders Tuesday in a session arranged by the Ministerio de Comercio Exterior. She also will meet with Japanese television executives to discuss Costa Rica’s conversion to a digital signal.

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