Museum visitors had a chance to create their own works of art

Hidden Garden Art Gallery photos Mobile from beach debris. Do-it-yourself barefoot art

That was the scene visitors confronted at the new Museum of Guanacaste in downtown Liberia. When the works were unveiled, the canvases were blank.

But not for long. With the invitation of the artist present, visitors were asked to join in to create works.

The idea was to bring the art studio to the spectators and have them be a part of the exhibit, organizers said.

Visitors assembled a giant mobile from debris that came from beaches. The idea was to create a commentary on the state of the oceans and beaches.

The name of the exhibit is Mancharte, which can best be
translated as “splashed.” All the professional artists are from Guanacaste: Rebeca Alvarado, Carlos Hiller, Vladimir Rocha, Oscar Líos and Christian Porras,

An 18-foot canvas on the floor was splashed with paint, and young artists began dancing on it with bare feet. As a result, four giant art pieces and the mobile were created, allowing the public to be involved in breaking the conventions and structures of exhibits, and demonstrating that art could be highly experimental, said organizers.

Among those who visited the exhibit was Mel Gibson, the actor and director, who has property in Costa Rica.

Plaza Santa Rosa sponsored the event with collaboration from Pinturas Sur, the Museum of Guanacaste and the Hidden Garden Art Gallery.

The exhibition remains open through Sunday.

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