No immediate action taken on vehicle deaths

Prosecutors have decided not to take immediate action against the drivers of two cars that killed two woman early Saturday in San Pablo de Heredia.

The Poder Judicial said that both drivers were questioned as were witnesses, and prosecutors concluded that the men were not engaged in a drag race. Instead, the vehicles were one behind the other, said the Poder Judicial.

In addition, the women were crossing the highway wearing dark clothing in a place where there was no pedestrian crossing, the Poder Judicial added.

Because the two drivers are Costa Rican, prosecutors did not seek any court restrictions on their movements at this time, said the Poder Judicial. Meanwhile their vehicles are being examined as prosecutors await the results of autopsies.

The motorists were not drunk nor do they have any prior convictions, said the Poder Judicial. Still, the way in which the women crossed the road will not have an effect on any future criminal proceeding, said the Poder Judicial.

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