Packages of coke plucked from Caribbean Sea

There are packets of cocaine floating in the ocean around Costa Rica, according to the Costa Rican coast guard.

The Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas reported that two separate patrols this week found packets of the substance in the Carribean Sea off the coast of Límón. One package was located 18 miles off the coast Monday when it was spotted by officials. After testing the substance in a lab, it was determined that the plastic-wrapped, floating substance was a kilogram of cocaine.

Two more packages were located by patrols at Caño Penitencia near Barra del Colorado Tuesday, the coast guard said. They were tested and determined to contain just over two kilograms of cocaine. The illicit substance was handed over to prosecutors in Limón. Subsequently, aerial surveillance patrol of the waters were conducted Wednesday but yielded no further results.

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