Panamá diplomat decorated for efforts after invasion

Chancellor Enrique Castillo has decorated Guillermo Alberto Cochéz, Panama’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, for his country´s solidarity during the invasion by Nicaragua.

Castillo, the minister for foreign affairs for Costa Rica, awarded the national order Juan Mora Fernández in the grade of Gran Cruz de Plata to Cochéz.

The decoration was in recognition for services rendered to Costa Rica during the administration of Cochéz, “especially during the processing of the complaint of Costa Rica against Nicaragua as a result of the invasion of our territory, made by this country in the area called Island Calero-Portillos at the end of 2010,” said Castillo. Panamá was the first country to support Costa Rica after the Nicaraguan invasion.

The tribute to Cochéz also marked the 22nd anniversary of the fall of the military regime in Panama. Cochéz praised the organization for its role in supporting the decisions and ¨courageous claims of Costa Rica against Nicaragua¨ and for giving a ¨solution to the grievance which was a violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

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