Police face investigation after gun was concealed

Three Fuerza Pública officers and a member of Heredia’s Policía Muncipal are facing allegations that they distorted a police report and concealed the confiscation of a firearm.

A prosecutor in Heredia was seeking preventative detention for the men. The Poder Judicial said that they hid evidence and put false information in a police report.

The case began Nov. 11, the day after four men stuck up a bus company, stole money and took a firearm.

Police detained the next day a robbery suspect who was carrying two weapons, his and the one that is presumed to have been robbed. The man was remanded to prosecutors on the allegation of carrying an illegal weapon but not for robbery, and the confiscated weapon owned by the bus company was not mentioned in the report, said the Poder Judicial. Instead, the weapon was turned over to the bus company, said the Poder Judicial.

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