Pre-quake Cartago buildings on display at cultural center

The Colegio de San Luis Gonzaga was one of the strcutures that was not heavily damaged. It is being restored.

Cartago is revisiting its historical past through old photographs taken from a time before a large earthquake at the turn of the century shook the city and destroyed much of its structural history.

The photography series will be be on display in the Centro de Cultura Cartaginesa until Dec. 23. The exhibition is open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The photographs include old shots of the city’s buildings before the 1910 earthquake leveled or damaged many of them. The exhibit will also include before and after shots of the buildings, such as the old Apolo theater which was rebuilt after
the earthquake but in a different style of architecture or others which were simply abandoned.

Some of Cartago’s older buildings are still standing. For example the Colegio de San Luis Gonzaga, which sits right behind the exhibit center, is filled with local shops. But it was one of the lucky ones which was not heavily affected structually and is now undergoing a historical restoration conducted in coordination with the municipality and the Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural.

The 35 pictures being shown were originally taken by Víctor Manuel Cubero Rodríguez (1885-1957), but many of them have been saved in print or digital format. The reproductions can be obtained through the cultural center.

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