Reader shares hurt, anger over loss of his child

Roy Komama, I don’t think your crazy, and as a father I feel your hurt, anger and your emotions because I have a daughter. A judge with her mother’s attorney wrote a court order 7 years ago that we are not allowed to talk on the phone. I can’t go to her school, etc., because of her mothers lies and her well-paid attorney who went to a gym with the judge.

This time of the year I get depressed because of my emotions of missing my daughter, and this will be 7 years we have been apart, and she’s 16 now.

Roy you know children are put in the middle ending up in U.S. courts each parent lying about the other parent, then a judge decides with the parents attorneys. You wrote “my boys they have a mother.”

Children are being taken away from the other parent here in the U.S. every day by judges, parents and kidnapped to other countries. Each state has different words for parents: full custody, joint custody, etc. and mine is named shared parenting. The mother to our daughter tried to kidnap her to Colombia when she was 5, so I filed for my divorce and
I put a red alert on our daughters passport. Then a judge gave us shared parenting .

The U.S. has corrupt people who were elected, and I’ve been to Costa Rica, and hopefully I will be a resident but when I was there the only corruption I saw was police stopping cars taking bribes.

Roy, the Hague Convention is on international child abduction, but it’s my understanding from my experience that Costa Rica will side with the taken parent even when judges in the U.S. signs court-ordered papers.

Children deserve both parents in their lives in any county except when a parents abuses there children. Remember this, it’s the parent who can afford high-priced, well-know attorneys who in most cases know the judges by playing golf together, etc.

Roy, try to have your Christmas with the boys and put a Christmas present under the tree for Emily.

Ed Fulmer

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