Second-hand smoke is not a health risk

Finally, an honest doctor, Dr. John Dale Dunn, stepped up to debunk the myth created by the paid proponents/coalitions/lobbyists of the second-hand smoke lie in order to justify continuing to justify receiving their exorbitant salaries, expenses, fees, etc. from the huge windfall won from the tobacco companies for first-hand smoker-related diseases.

He testified in a Delaware court that second-hand smoke was not hazardous and that the Surgeon General cherry-picked statistics to support a pre-conceived finding. He further went on to testify that “a non-smoker, living with a smoker, inhales about one cigarette a day which is no health risk.” Doctors, legislators, and the American Cancer Society were paid for their testimonies, etc. As has become the norm, the U.S., and other countries, have taken away another freedom. I smell a money trail.
Barry Schwartz

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