Singers got lung cancer from smoke-filled clubs

Yesterday, a letter writer claimed that one doctor who says that second-hand smoke isn’t a health threat is correct, while the numerous studies that say it is are all part of a vast conspiracy. This same reader claims that one cigarette a day won’t hurt you. Again, the studies disagree.

For a moment, let’s forget the huge amounts of money that the tobacco industry has spent to create the aura of controversy around an issue on which there is scientific consensus. As a singer, I know of fellow singers who never smoked, but still died of lung cancer due to performing in smoke-filled clubs. But of course, that’s not “objective” evidence. For that, see the National Institutes of Health Web page on the subject:

I realize that life would be easier for smokers if second-hand smoke wasn’t dangerous, but it is.
Heidi Allen
Austin, Texas

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