Storm appears slackening, but alerts are continued

Heavy rains that have caused flooding in northern Costa Rica appear to be diminishing, and the weather forecast for today is variable showers in the northern zone and the Caribbean coast. Also facing possible showers is the entire Pacific coast.

The storms, caused by two low pressure areas, already have caused two deaths, and more than a thousand persons have had to leave their flooded homes.

The national emergency commission said that it counted 1,038 persons in public shelters. The commission said the principal jobs were providing food and maintaing the hygiene in the shelters.

The commission extended several alerts despite the slacking of the rains.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that the heaviest rain Wednesday was along the nation’s border with Nicaragua. In the vicinity of San Carlos and Guatusos some 30 millimeters, a bit less than 1.2 inches, fell. On the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone rainfall ranged from 10 to 35 millimeters, about .4 of an inch to 1.4 inches, it added.

The Sixaola and Tortuguero rivers, both on the Caribbean coast, were reported rising from rain in the mountains. The Río Colorado at the northern border was reported running out of its banks.

The Cruz Roja said it had recovered the body of a man who fell into the Río Sarapiquí Tuesday. The second death was that of a motorist whose vehicle plunged off the highway in Vara Blanca Tuesday morning.

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