Those big birds are part of Peace Parade

A.M. Costa Rica/Shahrazad Enciniaas Vela A painted dove was positioned in Parque Nacional in front of the famous Monumento Nacional.

Giant, painted doves are taking over the public spaces of San José.

The invasion of fiberglass doves is reminiscent of Cow Parade that placed 130 creatively colored, life-sized statues in the metro area.

There are supposed to be 70 of the 55-inch dove statues, each decorated by a team of local artists.

Grupo Vallas y Gigantografías, the outdoor advertising company, is the prime sponsor of what is being called Peace Parade. This is the same company that sponsored the Cow Parade. There also is support from the municipality.

Like Cow Parade, the doves in Peace Parade will be auctioned off with the proceeds going to charities. The
official inauguration is to be today.

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