Two elderly men murdered in separate Nicoya crimes

In separate incidents in Nicoya Tuesday, two men over the age of 70 appear to have been robbed and murdered, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization.

One of the men, 73, with the last name López, presumably died when he was asphyxiated with a handkerchief in his home in neighborhood Llano. He was last seen Tuesday morning purchasing groceries at a nearby store. His body was discovered that afternoon by his sister. The judicial agency reported that preliminary information suggests the man was the victim of a robbery and most likely received his pension payment recently.

The other man, 74, with the last name Marín was last seen by a witness arguing with two persons at his house. The witness, passing by the house on a bicycle, said the heated argument caught his attention. Then the witness reported he heard a loud hit, which prompted him to leave and notify authorities. Police arrived at the residence and found Marín dead in his house, presumably from a stab wound in the left side of his chest. Judicial agents said the men last seen with him as being suspects.

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