U.S. could put pressure, but it has been negligent

In response to the Dec. 22 email to the editor by Roy Koyama, the custodial parent of his daughter Emily,

Shame on corrupt Costa Rica. It has long had evil on its hands for all the world to see in this case and others. Corruption and duplicity are the rule in Costa Rica. It expects to be taken seriously in international matters such as the San Juan River/Calero Island dispute with Nicaragua. But for Costa Rica, the rule of law is just a game to be played when it suits its needs such as portraying an image of peace and justice, which is just a propaganda façade for the international community. Ticos know better the dirty open secret that in reality all branches of government from top to bottom are rotten to the core.

And what I said about Costa Rica could be said of the U.S. to a slightly lesser degree for its lack of a backbone. Shame on the United States which has the means to apply pressure for change but has chosen so often to turn a blind eye to this despicable scourge on humanity. A custodial parent shouldn’t have to be wealthy and/or famous or live in the hip pocket of a U.S. senator to get justice. There are actions the U.S. could take, as was already pointed out in Mr. Koyama’s email, but it has been negligent in its moral and legal duties up till now. Costa Rica has had the welcome mat out for cases such as this for some time now. And Mr. Koyama has reminded us that in spite of international law to the contrary, the practice continues as before.

Patrick McCormick
Costa Rica

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