Victim of traffic scam turns tables on officer

Sometimes you can’t even trust the police. At least that was the experience of one foreigner who was able to alert agents at the Judicial Investigating Organization Thursday about an allegedly crooked traffic cop who extorted money from him.

According to judicial police reports, the Nicaraguan man was driving in Desamparados when he was pulled over by a traffic cop. The officer asked for his passport, and when the Nicaraguan man informed the official he did not have the document with him, the official threatened him with a large fine.

But then the officer offered the man a way out: Pay a 20,000 colons, on-the-spot fine to the cop instead. Reports indicate the Nicaraguan man agreed to pay half the fine, insisting he didn’t have the other half. But he promised to return and pay the remainder later.

But not only did the Nicaraguan get the rest of the money, he also alerted judicial police and returned to pay the traffic cop while agents watched from a distance. Then the agents promptly arrested the 47-year old tránsito official.

A spokesperson from the Judicial Investigating Organization said agents are looking into another similar incident and insisted under no circumstances should any money be paid directly to a law enforcement officer.

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