Woman discovers she just can’t informally import foodstuffs

Here are the products that were being imported in baggage on a bus. Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Segruidad Pública photo

Border patrol agents monitor Costa Rica’s borders for drugs and illegal firearms entering the country, but a Nicaraguan woman found out the hard way that she should have left her beans and fish at home.

Friday border police said they had confiscated 80 mojarra (a small fish), 44 kilograms of red beans, two liters of milk and platano in vinegar among other items. The 35-year-old woman, identified by her last names of Castillo Ortiz, was coming from Nicaragua presumably to her residence in La Carpio in La Uruca San José.

La Carpio is home to large numbers of Nicaraguan immigrants.

The police reported that the bags the woman had on the bus were suspicious, and the goods were not being properly transported in accordance with importation laws and guidelines for food products set by the Ministerio de Salud, possibly putting the health of consumers at risk.

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