Agents asks public for help in search for French couple

Gerard and Claude Dubois

Judicial investigators are swallowing their pride and asking the public for help in the investigation of the French couple who disappeared March 31, 2011.

The Judicial Investigating Organization specifically asked for information from the public in a news release Tuesday. Investigators asked that anyone who has information to contact them at the confidential telephone number 800 8000 645 or via email to .

In a new piece of information, the agents from the Aguirre and Parrita office said that credit cards belonging to the pair had been used in different parts of the country.

The missing couple are tourists, Gerard and Claude Dubois.

Agents confirmed that the passports of the pair were found in a Jacó garbage container.

Investigators initially said that the pair had stopped their vehicle and drowned in the Río Naranjo south of Quepos where the car was found April 3.

The Dominical-based CAP on Crime later reported that the water at that location is just 50 centimeters or about 20 inches.

The families of the missing tourists have been critical of the investigation, and the French Embassy is known to have been pressuring for a more complete investigation.

That the credit cards have been used elsewhere is not unusual in that there is a black market for credit cards, and the persons making the illicit purchases might not have anything to do with the disappearances. Agents said they were trying now to locate those who had used the credit cards.

Most crooks can count on accomplices at various retail outlets to run credit card charges in exchange for cash. Reputable store clerks probably would not complete a credit card sale without adequate identification, and most Costa Rican crooks could not pass for Gerard and Claude Dubois from France. Many retail outlets have security cameras.

The French couple are just two of a handful of foreigners who have gone missing in Costa Rica under suspicious circumstances. In addition a park ranger from Volcán Poás and a university student who was hiking, both Costa Ricans, have vanished.

Agents said they were trying now to locate those who had used the credit cards.

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