Another one of those blustery January days predicted

The winds hit 64.7 kph at Daniel Oduber airport Sunday. That is 40.2 mph. Not only Guanacaste faced strong winds. They also were felt in the rest of the country. San José registered a high wind of 39.3 kph (24.4 mph). On the north Pacific Coast, the winds were clocked at 58.4 kph in Santa Cruz, some 36.3 mph, according to the automatic weather stations maintained by the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

Winds are typical of the season, but the strength of Sunday’s breezes prompted the weather institute to put out a midday warning. The warning said that the wind gusts may reach 80 kph in the mountains. That’s nearly 50 mph.

The weather institute said that high pressure over the Caribbean was generating the strong winds as they blew west.

However, the winds were mainly in dry air, so the only rain that fell was in the Limón area. Just 9.2 millimeters (about .35 of an inch) was measured at the Limón airport where the highest winds were a moderate 20.7 kph or about 12.9 mph.

The weather institute warned of possible falling branches and trees as well as possible damage to electrical lines and the chance that pieces of metal roofing might fly off.

The institute also warned of turbulence for small aircraft and also rough seas in both the Caribbean and the Pacific northwest.

The Caribbean winds were expected to bring more humidity and some rain into the the province of Limón and the northern zone today. But the Pacific should be clear with sunshine while the Central Valley has partly cloudy skies.

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