BBG system is similar to that used in U.S. prisons

BBG is a U.S.-based telecommunications vendor owned by a Mexican family. They have a number of subsidiaries around the world, but concentrate on the Americas.

Their business is supported by various telecommunications vendors (like ICE), whose lines and equipment they need to conduct their business.

Their customers are the largest and most luxurious hotels and hospitality providers in the world. They also include smaller hotels of all varieties. The hotels get a big cut of each call made, which is their motive to use BBG instead of less expensive alternatives.

Interestingly, the same type of operation is run in every jail and prison in the U.S. Prisoners are only allowed to make collect calls through the prison’s contracted system, and are charged exorbitant fees. Sadly, it is the people called — the families of prisoners — who bear the brunt of these collect calls. And the prison gets about 45 percent of each call. Talk about being held captive!

But even prisoners are not hit as hard as the clients of hotels here in Costa Rica. SHAME ON YOU, hotel owners who use this service!!
John French

EDITOR’S NOTE: A.M. Costa Rica has reported that BBG blindsides callers with exorbitant fees.

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