Canadian woman suffers a grim death in Guanacaste

A Canadian man left on an errand for an hour Wednesday morning only to return to find his wife’s burned body on a terrace near their house in the Garita Vieja sector of Santa Cruz in Guanacaste.

The Judicial Investigating Organization reports that when the husband, a Costa Rican resident, returned at 7 a.m. he could not locate his 65-year-old wife in the house so he went looking around the property. Eventually he located her charred corpse approximately 50 meters from the home in a spot used by the couple as a scenic lookout. She was identified as Hazel Garda, also a Canadian. The cause of death and circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation,

Judicial police said a gallon of gasoline and matches were found near where the woman died. She reportedly had burns on her legs and head, they said. Her body is currently undergoing a full autopsy, officials said.

Thus far investigators have not detained any suspects nor are they accusing anyone of foul play. They also reported that it does not appear to be a robbery as nothing was missing from the house.

They have not ruled out an accident or suicide.

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