Chávez endorsement of Obama is scary

I read the article this morning in A.M. Costa Rica that reports on Chavez’s endorsement of sorts for President Obama. I find this very interesting and only wish this story would be picked up by major news outlets here in the States. It clearly shows that Socialist leaders (Communist and dictators as well) relate to and appreciate President Obama’s view of the world. This scares the heck out of me.

We are supposed to be the protector of democracy worldwide but under Obama’s presidency he gets the support of socialist and lunatics like Chávez!!! This alone should wake Americans up to NOT vote for Obama. In fact I feel the majority of this “do-nothing” Congress, Republican and Democrat, alike should be voted out if up for re-election. It is past time for the politicians in America to realize the importance of their party affiliation pales in comparison to the importance of being an American. We are near an economic collapse, yet nothing gets done.

I have never written to A.M. Costa Rica before concerning American politics, but today reading the article of Chavez thinking Obama was best for America’s relationship with Latin America I could not stop myself. Wake up. A bankrupt America will be no help to anybody, especially Latin America. As I have ties by marriage to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, family in both countries. I have a stake in this and believe Obama is not good for Gringos, Ticos, or Nicas. Floridians speak at the polls. Its primary day! Americans speaks in November. Value our way of life!

Patrick Mach
St Augustine, Florida

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