Comic book fans and characters will convene this month

Freaks, geeks and comic book fiends of Costa Rica can now enjoy a two-day convention dedicated to those aficionados of popular culture in the first ever BoomCon, Jan. 21 and 22.

This is the first of its kind in Central America, said U.S. expat Troy Nicholson, founder of BoomCon. The comic book fan is excited to bring a Comic-Conesque convention to San José. Comic-Con is a three-day convention at the end of July in San Diego, California, dedicated to all things comic books and popular arts. It has transformed into a mecca for comic fans. Last year alone there were more than 45,000 visitors. And now, Costa Rica will have its’ own version.

For the popular convention many dress up as their favorite fictional character, a custom Nicholson hopes to be adopted in San José. He said that there is a large following of cosplay in the country. Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as a sci-fi character in full costume.

He said he expects about 5,000 visitors to attend the inaugural convention inside the Antigua Aduana on Calle 23 where international and national famous artists will give presentations, pose for photos and sign autographs. Some of the participants are artists Tim Townsend, Phil Noto, Tom Bancroft, Christian Simpson, Dean Mitchell, and cosplay international model Yaya Han. Nicholson said he has confirmed a former musician with Marilyn Manson, Scott Putesky, better known as Daisy Berkowits, and electro-duo DRTY LVRS for the convention

The popularity of smaller conventions in the country sparked Nicholson’s interest to make BoomCon a reality, he said. The Orlando native wants the event to include Costa Rica as much as possible, by which he invited Tico artists to participate.

“We want to give Costa Rica a chance. . . This gives the fans a chance to meet all the icons of pop culture,” Nicholson said.

As part of the VIP package, ticket holders can participate in the “drink and draw,” a night out with the artists at a bar, where they will, of course, drink and draw. Ticket prices range from 11,500 colons for an adult one-day pass and 14,000 colons for a two-day pass. VIP tickets cost 51,500 colons and that includes two-day pass, dinner with the special guests of the convention, a 30-minute entrance into the event prior to the opening, official BoomCon shirt, and admission into the “drink and draw.” Prices differ for children.

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