Constitutional court throws out hefty fine for speeding

he Sala IV constitutional court has thrown out another traffic fine, this one related to fixed traffic signals.

The fine was 75 percent of the base salary of an auxiliar administrativo 1 for such acts as ignoring a speed limit sign or other signs to control traffic.

The new base salary is 360,600 colons or about $714.77, so the fine would have been about $536.

Five of the seven magistrates who voted on the case Wednesday thought that such a fine was disproportionate, a reason similar to the suspension of other fines in the newest
traffic law. The other cases involved the use of seat belts and vehicle inspections.

The Sala IV decision said that the fine would revert to that which was on the books before the hefty fine was imposed. That’s just 5,000 colons or about $10.

The case came to the high court in April on the appeal of a citizen, identified in the decision as Guillermo Roldan Vargas.

The court suspended the speeding fines in October.

The legislature continues to study the new traffic law in which many of the fines are of similar amounts. They have been called draconian.

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