Costa Rica will open embassy in Australia

Costa Rica will turn its consulate in Australia within a short-time into an embassy, said Enrique Castillo, minister of foreign affairs, Thursday during a press conference after a meeting with John McCarthy, Australian special envoy, at the Casa Amarilla. And Australia is looking into establishing a consulate in Costa Rica.

Currently there is no consulate in Costa Rica. The Australian ambassador in México, Katrina Cooper, extends her representation into this country.

The two diplomats also discussed human rights, better security in the country, and the environment. Australia gave $20 million to Costa Rica for security purposes.

McCarthy served as ambassador in Costa Rica 25 years ago, he said. His meeting with the minister reinforced ties between the two countries and helped establish communication with the rest of the Asian-Pacific countries, said Castillo.

Costa Rica has made an effort to maintain and strengthen their ties with Australia and we want to reciprocate, said McCarthy.

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