Crowds turn out to celebrate Chinese New Year

A.M. Costa Rica pohotos/Andrew Rulseh Kasper New Year's is not complete without a dancing dragon

Ismail Lam of the San Sebastian restaurant Mey Lai Shen gives a smile as he and other chefs stir the rice.

The line for free arroz cantonés stretched more than a block Monday as chefs from Chinese restaurants all over the valley produced enough for 11,000 persons. It was the local observance of the Chinese New year in a place that soon will be called Barrio Chino.

A dragon danced as well as women dressed in the old Chinese style, and martial artists demonstrated kung fu. Monday marks the start of the Year of the Dragon in the 12-year rotation of the Chinese Zodiac calendar. The Centro Cultural y Educativo Costarricense Chino will be holding more events next week.

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