Electrical power comes to northern community

Casa Presdiencial photo Vice President Luis Liberman looks across the Río San Juan into Nicaragua during an inspection trip along the northern border.

Electricity finally arrived at Tiricias de Cutris in the extreme north of the country. The power lines are part of a 120 kilometer project that will benefit 26 communities where about 1,200 persons live.

Interest in the northern border area was sparked by the Nicaraguan invasion into the Isla Calero in October 2010.

The electricity is provided by Coopelesca, a local cooperative.

Alfio Piva Mesén and Luis Liberman, the two vice presidents of the country, were there to attend the inauguration Saturday. They also viewed a road being constructed along the south bank of the Río San Juan. The Nicaraguan central government has made the highway controversial and has accused Costa Rica of environmental damage. The south bank is the international border.

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