Expats need representation in the U.S. Congress

They want us filing tax forms every year. We are considered “U.S. PERSONS” (Note: not citizens). We get to vote from where we came from – usually irrelevant.

How about a category – EXPAT?

Our desires, needs, outlook, are different. We form a distinct group – Unrepresented.

Somebody said something like: “No taxation without representation”.

I have to vote “in” Arkansas. I have nothing to do with Arkansas – if I lived in Arkansas I would NOT want some guy in Costa Rica watering down my vote. Personally, after 15 years, I could give a rat’s petunia who represents the Hillbillies.

However, I think most EXPATS think about the same, have the same issues, and are as big a group as a congressional district. (Size figures are nothing more than feelings, NO research).

It seems to me that if THEY want to call us U.S. PERSONS and want us filling out forms from January through April, then by God, what about Representation? About 250 years ago some trouble started over this.

Charlie Merritt
San Isidro de Alajuela
Costa Rica (not part of a congressional district)

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