German development chief plans three-day visit here

Costa Rica is one of two Latin American countries that Dirk Niebel, German minister of economic cooperation and development, will visit starting Wednesday. The other is Chile.

During his three days here, Niebel will meet with President Laura Chinchilla Miranda, Enrique Castillo the minister of foreign affairs for Costa Rica, and with various organizations and corporations with German ties. He is here to discuss and show German interest in new energy, environment conservation and climate protection, according to the German Embassy. Niebel will be accompanied by a 27 person delegation made up of mostly German business people.
Germany is an important trading partner with Costa Rica, said Ernst Martens, German ambassador to Costa Rica. Costa Rica. Costa Rica exports about $106 million, mostly in bananas, coffee and pineapple. The German ambassador joked Monday that when he is in a market in his country there is no pineapple that does not come from Costa Rica.

In 2010 there was about 50,000 German tourists who traveled to Costa Rica.

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