Internet firm planning more business services

Radiográfica Costarricense S.A., the struggling subsidiary of the country’s telecom giant, has agreed to let Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia and COOPELESCA, a cooperative in the northern zone, to use its fiber optic network. The companies will offer their own services via the cable, said the public Internet provider known as RACSA.

RACSA’s parent firm, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, is firmly in the Internet business, too. The announcement came Thursday night at a meeting that RACSA officials said was designed to relaunch its services for large and medium businesses.

The company said it is offering cloud computer, voice over Internet, Web television, highway controls for public agencies and wireless services, among others.

RACSA is making a $5 million investment in a fiber optic cable. Some 200 kilometers already has been installed of a proposed 1,000 kilometers, the firm said. The company is continuing to negotiate with Grupo ICE for joint use of the cable, it said.

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