Judge orders British murder suspect to prison for six months

Agents still are trying to figure out a motive of why a British tourist brutally murdered a Czech female in her tent at a research site.

The woman arrived in Costa Rica Dec. 10 and began her stay at Finca La Libertad in Aguas Claras de Upala. She was identified by the Poder Judicial as Alexandra Drbohlavova, 22.

The finca specializes in biodiversity tourists and the Fuerza Pública characterized it as an experimental farm.

The prime suspect, was identified by the last names of Mill Saunders, 20. He arrived in Costa Rica Tuesday. British newspapers said his name was Alfred and that he was the son of a university professor and that his mother was a psychoanalyst. Ms. Drbohlavova is believe to have been a student.

The Spanish-language media has painted this as a sex crime, but the suspect is accused of murdering the woman viciously and then lingering at the location awaiting arrest.

The crime took place about 10 a.m.. The two individuals had tents some 20 meters apart. Agents interrogated the British tourist Thursday, but the results of that session are not available. A judge ordered him to be confined for six months while the investigation progresses. A judge also issued a search warrant for his tent. Investigators want to know if the couple knew each other before coming to Costa Rica.

The finca owner discovered the body after he heard a scream and went to investigate, said the Poder Judicial. He then detained the British tourist. Agents said they confiscated a knife.

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