Lawmakers create week devoted to the family

The Costa Rican legislature has approved a week dedicated to family.

All 47 lawmakers present voted to approve the Semana Nacional de la Familia. This was the second and final vote on the bill. The time designated is the second week in May.

The discussion turned into a rally advocating the importance of passing the bill on family. Every lawmaker who was allotted time to talk described what family is to them. Most concurred that a family is inclusive, tolerant and teaches respect. And that a family is what molds an individual for society.

One said that a family isn’t just a mother and father with children, but also those couples who can’t have children, same-sex couples, single parents, and adopted families.

Víctor Hernández Cerdas from Partido Acción Ciudadana said that the social problems in this country stem from family problems. Family is a pillar in this society he said.

Mireya Zamora Alvarado from Movimiento Libertario also agreed, but she insisted that along with this law the state should create a system where low-income families who live along the border areas can receive an education, potable water, health care and a decent place to live. She said that these are areas that politicians visit the most around election time and promise the world to these people, so it is time that as a state they make things happen for these families.

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