Light plane mishap causes delays at Juan Santamaría airport

Some operations at Juan Santamaría International airport in San José were delayed temporarily Monday when the wheel of a small plane collapsed shortly after it set down on the runway.

A spokesperson for the Cuerpo de Bomberos reported firefighters at the airport’s fire station responded to the alert on the runaway and reach the scene at 10:02 a.m., two minutes after the call for assistance was made.

The compromised wheel threw off the equilibrium of the plane
as it was completing the landing but no fire took place and none of the passengers was injured, the fire agency spokesperson said. Nevertheless the firefighters arrived at the scene prepared with oxygen masks and tanks of a special foam used to extinguish fires that may be caused by combustibles such as jet fuel when water is inadequate.

The runaway was cleared again for use by 11:26. It was reported that the closed runaway caused problems or delays for other flights at the airport. The private plane was carrying six passengers, five adults and one child, traveling from Playa Tambor.

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