Limón court will handle its cases electronically

Bill collecting cases and other small scale civil cases are being handled in Limón electronically.

The Poder Judicial said that the Juzgado de Cobro y Civil de Menor Cuantía de Limón will have files available for litigants and their lawyers on the Internet. When a case is filed, participants will get a password, said the Poder Judicial, adding that resolution of the cases is expected rapidly.

Court files in Costa Rica are not open to the public. The Juzgado de Cobro y Civil de Menor Cuantía is taking over a number of cases from other courts in the Limón province as of Jan. 9, said the Poder Judicial.

Lawyers also can file a case form any place without actually showing up at the Limón court facility. Costa Rica recently upgraded its collection procedures to make them faster. The process in Limón is part of a process instituted by the Consejo Superior of the Poder Judicial in September. The courts are moving toward electronic filings and oral arguments.

Litigants also can present their cases in writing at any judicial office, and the documents will be scanned and sent to Limón. However, officials said they preferred direct electronic filings.

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