Nicaraguan cheese will not make it to the table in Costa Rica

Policía de Fronteras photo The only refrigeration is from the wind.

In what police are calling the biggest border bust of the year, agents confiscated Sunday 1.5 tons of cheese made in Nicaragua and illegally imported into Costa Rica.

The Policía de Fronteras in Upala said the discovery of the illegal cheese came because of an anonymous tip and credited the Programa de Seguridad Comunitaria en la Frontera Norte.

The cheese was taken from a Nicaraguan man with the last name Quintana, police said. He is 37 years old and also a resident of Costa Rica. He was transporting the Nicaraguan cheese by truck, police report.

The bust was made by border patrols in Calle del Muerto, sector Jomuza, in Upala.

After coordinating with inspectors from the Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal of the Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería, the cheese was declared unsanitary.

The ministry said importing cheese illegally and in unsanitary conditions puts at risk the health of the consumers. The suspect, Quintana, was released on his own reconnoissance, and the cheese will be destroyed, agents report.

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