Nostalgia for old terminal at airport in Liberia

It is nice that the new terminal is open at Liberia. But, I will miss the old terminal. It made landing in Liberia
unique. So many places have the standard large concrete, glass and steel terminals. When you got off the plane and walked down the stairs into the fresh warm air after hours on a plane, it was refreshing. Your first look at the terminal was, an eye opener, and while you waited in line to enter, you found your self looking around a structure you don’t normally see.

The giant fans, the high ceilings and the birds who called the place home. Even during a departure, you knew that you were getting your last few minutes of Costa Rica. Coming from a cold climate, the lack of exterior walls is different for us, I call living inside outside. The giant open-air structure with few walls gave you the last warm winds as you walked up the stairs to your flight, and you had a chance to glance back to the countryside as you got on the plane. It will always be a fond memory.
Patti Fraser
Alberta. Canada

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