Perhaps they just wanted to wash the car windows

According to a judge, six men, three of them packing guns, did nothing wrong when they descended on a parked car that happened to contain two judicial agents.

The agents thought that the men were trying to hijack the car. The agents, members of a special unit that investigates vehicle hijackings, used their judgment and, with the help of Fuerza Pública officers, arrested the six. The Judicial Investigating Organization hasn’t said so, but the situation appears to have been a setup with a decoy attracting known car hijackers.
But that was not enough for Marcela González, the judge, who said that the men did not even demonstrate with clarity that they were about to commit a crime. And they didn’t have their guns out. So the judge freed the six without any restrictions.

The prosecutor had sought six months of preventative detention for the men.

The encounter happened in Dos Cercas de Desamparados Monday afternoon.

The good news from the Poder Judicial is that the vehicles, guns and money that were confiscated have not been returned to the men.

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