Police do a land office business at the fiestas de Palmares

Police continue to rack up the arrests at the Fiestas de Palmares.

The number now is at 138 persons, most of them on drug and theft. There also were arrests for putting their hands on women.

The Fuerza Pública has 400 officers on duty at the fiesta at any one time. They even had mounted officers in the horse parade or tope Friday. Officers on foot detained a number of pickpockets.

Outside the fiesta grounds, traffic police are continuing to
round up drunk drivers. Beer gardens are a big feature at Palmares, and the logical results are drunks on the road. Some drinkers avail themselves of the public and private transportation that services the fiesta from many parts of the country. Drinkers who drive are almost certain to be caught because some of the traffic police checkpoints question every driver. Traffic police reported eight such arrests by Sunday.

Pepe Aguilar was the main attraction at the ranchero festival Saturday. Sunday reggae performers Don Omar and Grupo Plan B were the headliners. So traffic police will be announcing more arrests Monday.

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