Post offices to exchange license plates for motorists

The Correos de Costa Rica will work with the Registro Nacional to provide new license plates to the nation’s motorists.

The Registro has decreed that each vehicle should exchange the existing plates for ones with secure features. There also is a sticker to put on the vehicle’s windshield. The effort is to reduce license plate fraud.

Correos said that motorists can get the job done at any of the 118 post offices in the country as well as the regional offices of the Registro Nacional.

If the motorist chooses to turn in the plates at a Registro office, Correos said that it is prepared to deliver the new plates via its EMS courier service.

The new plates cost 15,000 colons for passenger cars, and the courier service can be from 4,000 to 7,000 colons depending on the location. Motorcycle owners pay 8,000 for the plates.

More information in Spanish is available HERE!

Because a lot of ownership information is online at the Registro some of the usual paperwork is not required, but if someone other than the vehicle owner seeks to exchange license plates, a notarized special power of attorney is required.

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