Press group says Ecuador seeks to limit coverage

The Inter American Press Association has voiced concern at proposed amendments to the electoral law introduced by the government of Ecuador that would limit press coverage and the people’s right to be duly informed during the period leading up to presidential and congressional elections in January 2013.

Approval could be given Feb. 4 to the amendments to the the election code, which seeks to authorize a partial veto by President Rafael Correa and include bans on the dissemination of electoral advertising and news coverage during the run-up to voting.

One of the amendments proposed by the Correa government would require “news media to abstain from making direct or indirect propaganda, whether through special reports or any other form of them, that seeks to influence in favor of or against particular candidates, stands, options, electoral preferences or political views.”

It would also “prohibit during the election campaign the contracting and dissemination of propaganda and advertising on the part of those subject to the law regarding the electoral process in the press, on radio, television, billboards and any other news medium.”

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