RACSA plans to discuss its future in meeting with customers

The troubled Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. is going on the offensive. The firm said it would introduce new products and announce it has become involved with a local cable television operator when it meets with business people Thursday.

The session is Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Hotel Corobicí. The estimated 300 invitees include vendors and current customers, the firms said.

The company known as RACSA is the state firm that provides Internet service. It is the subsidiary, and some say a stepchild, of the Instituto Costarricense Electricidad, which also provides Internet service.

RACSA said that the event would reflect the dynamism,
modernity and technology that would describe it in the future.

The company will discuss the development of its own fiber optic network as well as that of its parent firm, its participation with one of the cable television firms operating in the country, new cloud computing services and solutions as well as telephone via the Internet and Web television,

The firm said that high government officials would be present.

The future of RACSA has been in doubt because it has shown a financial loss. In November it said it would not work with the Instituto Costarricense Electricidad on a fiber optic network.

That project seems to be part of what will be discussed Thursday. The plan was to connect fiber optic cables to a number of homes for increased bandwidth.

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