Robbers hijack bus, workers

A group of restaurant workers heading home for the night saw their evening take a turn for the worse when armed assailants boarded their small bus, robbed them of their possession and then later used the bus to rob a fast-food establishment.

The small bus was carrying workers from a fast-food restaurant Wednesday at 1 a.m. when five robbers intercepted the vehicle with firearms, according to a report by the Judicial Investigating Organization. One of the attackers struck the driver and forced him into the back with the passengers.

The hijackers took control of the vehicle and one drove for 40 minutes until reaching a coffee plantation in Poás where the criminals dumped four of the victims, the law enforcement agency reported. The hijackers then transported the other two workers 50 meters farther before leaving them on the side of the road. All the cell phones of the workers were stolen as well.

Then, officials report, the group in the stolen bus drove to a fast food establishment in Plaza Ferias in Alajuela, where the security guard removed the chain to let the bus enter the premises, without realizing the assailants were inside, said judicial agents. Then one of the employees inside of the restaurant came out to meet the bus, and the five assailants exited, hit the guard and entered the building where they took 2 million colons, agents said.

The bus was found abandoned in Barrio de San José in Alajuela.

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