Traffic police list 80 schools as risky for students

Traffic police have designated 80 educational centers for special handling as public schools opens Feb. 8.

These are schools where there is high risk for students due to the traffic that passes nearby.

Among the centers getting special treatment are Escuela República Dominicana in San Francisco de Dos Ríos, Escuela Juan Flores in Alto de Guadalupe, Escuela Villalobos in Heredia and Escuela Guatemala, in Alajuela.

In Guanacaste traffic police said there are 19 schools that will be subject to the special attention. In Limón the effort is focused on those schools that face the
heavily traveled Ruta 32. That holds true elsewhere, they said and includes the Interamericana highway and Ruta 4.
The Policía de Tránsito will have 180 officers in two shifts assigned to these schools. Others will be patrolling schools that are not tapped for special attention, said César Quirós, police director.

The traffic police also urged parents to show a good example to their children by sticking to the rules and not crossing highways at dangerous points. Officers said that many parents who are in a rush to get to work themselves cut safety corners when taking children to school.

In addition to putting police at priority schools, traffic officers will be checking the permissions of those vehicles that carry children. Every year drivers are caught without the appropriate permissions, which require a lot of paperwork.

Officers also are under orders to check taxis for excessive numbers of passengers.

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