Two minors among those linked to gun and drugs

The Fuerza Pública apprehended two minors since last weekend in separate busts: one for possession of firearms near the airport in Limón and the other for selling crack in Paso Canoas near the Panamanian border. Both suspects allegedly tried to jettison the contraband when the police moved to arrest them.

The alleged drug dealer was identified by authorities as having the last name Guerra and being 15 years old and a Panamanian national. He reportedly brought drugs across the border from Panama, to Costa Rica to sell over the weekend. Police reported that he tossed a cigarette package containing 180 doses of crack when agents approached him in a small grocery store. Police report he has been investigated in other crimes and was given two months detention.

The other youth in Limón was arrested in a car with two other suspects in front of a police checkpoint. Authorities report that someone in the car tossed a green shirt containing three firearms and ammunition from the vehicle window approximately 100 meters from the control point. One of the guns was reported stolen in Desamparados, and the black Hyundai the suspects were driving had not been registered since 1997, agents said.

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