Two top artists have a double opening Saturday in Guanacaste

Fabio Herrera 'Jardin' done in 2005. and Mario Maffioli's 'Rombo 3' done last year.

Two established Costa Rican artists will exhibit their works at a show that begins Saturday at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery west of Liberia.

The artists are Fabio Herrera Martinez and Mario Maffioli Reyes. Each will exhibit 10 works.

Herrera, born in San José, has studied at the school of fine arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica, and has had international exhibits in Spain, Mexico, Sweden, and the United States. With over 100 solo exhibits and hundreds of collective exhibits, Herrera is cited in over 80 books. His more than 20 awards include numerous Aquileo J. Echeverría prizes.

Says the artist:

“I paint and continue painting because I want to discover something, and in these days I discovered that painting wants to liberate herself. She wants her own space, and I am the medium to do it. She gives me pleasure, she makes me think. I must be her ally: she liberates me. And in this long trek we have created an inseparable alliance, where the only sure thing
is, at the end, she will stay and I will leave.”

Award winning artist Maffioli also was born in San José and studied at the school of fine arts. He is a founding member of the Bocaracá Group. Maffioli has participated in over 100 exhibits, nationally and internationally, and is cited in more than 80 books.

Says the artist:

“Non-representative art, or concrete art, or the misnamed ‘abstract art,’ is the most important rebirth of art since the Renaissance. In concrete painting, lines, spots, texture, speak of the poetry proper to matter, the capacity to communicate in itself its physical and conceptual existence, with no reference to surroundings. Being born, day by day, by means of pictorial material, helped me to find the connection between an unknown internal world and an esthetic reality, a superb way of representing my vexation. To have the opportunity of motivating the imagination, without ties and with an absolute resolution of pleasure and freedom is a great satisfaction.”

The opening Saturday is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The gallery is 5 kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber airport.

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