U.S. man in Sámara likely slipped and died from a fall

A U.S. citizen living in Sámara died from an apparent fall in his rented room. He was identified as Bruce Corbitt, 59.

Investigators suspect the man slipped and fell and suffered a fatal wound to the head early Monday.

Only days earlier Corbitt had seen a doctor about problems he was having, and that doctor had prescribed him medications. Luis Eduardo Jiménez, chief of the Judicial Investigating Organization’s office in Nicoya said that Corbitt might have been experiencing a dangerous mixture of the alcohol and the drugs. Jiménez said the actual cause of death can’t be determined until the autopsy is complete.

Investigators reported there was no sign of robbery or foul play. Jiménez said all the man’s belongings including his money in cash, credit card and computer were still present in the residence. He said Corbitt had rented the room in which he died for a full month from Cabinas Bahía but had been living in Costa Rica since 2007

Jiménez said he was not aware of any family Corbitt had in Costa Rica.

According to a social networking Web site, WAYN.com, on which Corbitt had a profile, he was an artist and a writer in Costa Rica. He wrote on his profile page that he loved Costa Rica and called it a beautiful peaceful place.

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