U.S. motorist dies in crash of pickup in Carrillo

A U. S. citizen traveling on the Nicoya peninsula died in a hospital after his truck flipped on the roadway.

According to Judicial Investigating Organization agents the accident occurred Thursday, and the driver died at 5:30 a.m. the following day in Hospital CIMA in Escazú. The man who died was the driver of the vehicle and was identified as, John Darran Cochram, 46.

He was traveling with four other passengers, all foreigners, who survived the crash and were only treated for minor injuries at a hospital in Liberia, said police. The vehicle was a Toyota pick-up, and the accident occurred around midday in Playa Carrillo in Guanacaste. The cause of the accident had not yet been determined by authorities Sunday.

A spokesperson from the Judicial Investigating Organization presumed the group in the vehicle were tourists vacationing in Costa Rica.

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