Accident in Panamá cost just $38.42 with great care

Same song, second verse, gotta get better, but it’s going to get worse!!!

I love Costa Rica, lived there, had property there and the people are the best. Beautiful and many places to go and enjoy, but Costa Rica is their own worst enemy. I left, and the crime increased, cost of living went sky high and the government is on a destruction course.

This latest fiasco of the health care or hospital charges is unbelievable!!! I am referring to the accident in Jacó and the related stories of folks that had emergencies and the cost involved. I related the costs to my wife, and she could not believe me. When we lived there, the medical was the best and the costs were well below anywhere else.

I found it very interesting that Panamá came up. We have wanted to return to Central America, and every time I think of Costa Rica, something like this comes up. We went to Panamá last summer for six weeks. When we arrived, they offered us free medical expenses for our stay there. I did not accept because I am healthy and smart enough to avoid accidents.

Well, I forgot my wife does not have the dedication I have. She had a dumb accident that bruised her head when she fell down on slippery stones. She thought she was OK, but I knew better and drove to the emergency ward in David. Within five minutes, she was in the treatment room with a doctor and his assistant. She had 13 stitches and complete and wonderful care. I proceeded to the cashier to pay my bill. The total was $38.42!!! We had another $5 for pain pills that surpass anything we have received in the States.

It sounds like we would still be there paying the bill if this happened in Costa Rica! Why the difference??? Obviously we are trying to move to Panama and forget Costa Rica. In my weak moments, I want to return to Costa Rica if I had plenty of money. But with stories like this, there is no way I will return. I am submitting this only to show the difference in emergency care, even though the intensity is considerably different. Obviously Panamá has their act together and are on a growth pattern.
Ralph Simonson
Leesburg, Florida, soon to be Panamá!!!

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