Article was pro-war rant favoring the warmongers

Re: Protests over possible Iran-U.S. war planned here [which appeared Friday].

From the title it appeared that this article was going to be about protest against a war against Iran, but you turned it into a pro-war rant.

You managed to quote all the warmongers in the U.S government itching to kill more people including more American soldiers.

But you said nothing about Iran’s right to develop nuclear power for peaceful purposes nor nothing about that Iran has opened up the country to the International Atomic Energy Agency and they have found no evidence that Iran is making a bomb nor nothing about both Panetta [Leon Panetta, the U.S. secretary of Defense] and the Mossad have agreed that Iran is not making a bomb.

Now the warmongers, without any evidence whatsoever, claim that “Iran is trying to penetrate and engage in the Western Hemisphere.”

And now that the U.S. has Iran surrounded, imposed sanctions, is trying to destroy their central bank, had EU impose oil sanctions, killing Iranian scientist, and running CIA operations to disrupt Iran any way they can, you quote the warmonger who says “Iranian officials are ‘now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States.’”

And this is a complete lie “Iran is developing or has developed a nuclear weapon and makes no secret of the desire of officials there to use it on nearby Israel.”

And where is your source for this fear mongering quote? “Some reports this week said that Iran also is developing a medium range missile that could hit New York and major European cities.”

“Ahmadinejad is reckless”??? He has done everything but bent over backwards to try to please the U.S. He last state was that he was ready to come to the negotiating table at any time, but it is the U.S. who refuses.

So when the killing starts, you can congratulate yourself for doing your part.

You do not understand the nature of the U.S. policymakers. They want Iran and its oil. It has nothing at all to with the allege making a nuclear weapon. That is just the present excuse. Even if Iran totally gave up their nuclear program, it would not make a bit of different. The U.S. will find another excuse.

Terry T. Pascher
San Jose

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