Black Widow suspect may be living in Costa Rica, FBI says

There are plenty of sad tales of marriages gone wrong, but few are so dramatic as the one Mike Cross could tell if he still were alive.

He was a northern California businessman who fell in love while on a trip to Costa Rica. His Costa Rican bride, Nazira Maria Ugalde, joined him at his home in Plumas County, California, not far from Reno. He was an automobile dealer and the couple lived an upscale lifestyle until there was a surprising divorce.

Mrs. Cross returned to Costa Rica but returned to the States in July 2008. She had a plan, investigators alleged.

That plan was to do away with her former husband, according to the information law enforcement has gathered.

Mrs. Cross is unavailable for comment. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation thinks she may be in Perú or back in Costa Rica. She would be reasonably safe here because Costa Rica does not allow its citizens to be extradited, even to face a murder charge.

“After allegedly poisoning him, and while he was in a near-death condition, Cross is thought to have driven him to Nevada,” said the FBI on the wanted poster. “After he died, Cross allegedly buried his body on his ranch in Lovelock, Nevada. She is also alleged to have then run over the grave site repeatedly with her car.”

There is a state warrant for her arrest on a murder allegation, and there is a federal warrant for flight, said the FBI.

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